Marshell Golf Carts are proudly distributed and serviced by Evo Motors, a leader in the small vehicle industry since 2002.

Buying your Marshell cart through Evo Motors means that it comes standard with a 12-month warranty backed up by world-class service and a guarantee that only original Marshell parts are used.

With sustainability being one of our driving values, we decided to close the service gap and offer a 360˚ solution to our clients. We offer services and repairs on all makes of Golf Carts, using top-quality, industry-standard parts. We have service centres in all major cities across South Africa and we also offer a mobile service centre so your personal cart or fleet can be serviced on-site.

We pride ourselves on excellent after-sales service and we offer a wide range of maintenance contracts ensuring your golf cart stays on track for years to come.

What do we offer?

  • Services and repairs on all Golf Carts
  • Fully stocked warehouse – with top-quality, industry-standard parts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Battery Maintenance contracts
  • Refurbishments
  • Mobile service center (For onsite servicing)

Evo Motors stocks a wide array of accessories which allows you to customise your cart –  from rain covers, storage bins to tow bars and lighting – Evo Motors will make sure you get the right cart specifically designed to suit your needs.

Send us your request for cart service or repairs: