The heavy-duty Marshell DH Flatbed is the ultimate companion in any commercial setting. This cart can endure extremely heavy loads and objects and is extremely versatile with the option to drop any of the sides of the flatbed box. With high ground clearance and off-road tyres, this cart can handle almost any terrain. Low operating costs make this cart the perfect solution in commercial settings.

  1. Capacity for two people
  2. Regenerative braking to near zero speed.
  3. Shunt-wound motor gives you unbelievable climbing power.
  4. Adjustable inductive accelerator ensures a smooth, consistent ride.
  5. Hydraulic shocks keep the vehicle’s haul and its passengers safe and secure despite large bumps or difficult terrain.
  6. Comes standard in White, Black, Champagne and Green. Custom colours are also available.
  7. Comes standard with a towbar.