The Marshell DH-C4 Utility Cart provides the perfect solution for maintenance teams or workers needing to get around the resort, estate, factory, construction site or farm. The rugged DH-C4 Utility Cart can handle almost any terrain and will get even the toughest jobs done silently and comfortably. The rear cargo box has a 200kg carrying capacity along you and your team to carry heavy tools or materials.

  1. Rear facing cargo box with 200kg carrying capacity
  2. Shunt-wound motor gives you unbelievable climbing power.
  3. Adjustable inductive accelerator ensures a smooth, consistent ride.
  4. Hydraulic shocks keep the vehicle’s haul and its passengers safe and secure despite large bumps or difficult terrain.
  5. Comes standard in White, Black, Champagne and Green. Custom colours are also available.
  6. Comes standard with a towbar.