The Marshell DH-C2 utility cart provides a practical and efficient way to transport materials, supplies and equipment, while still enjoying the comfort and superior features that come standard on Marshell carts. This cart is designed specifically for rough terrain; it handles jobs efficiently and affordably without the pollution, noise and high operating costs of traditional utility transport equipment.

The rugged DH-C2 Utility has a wide range of applications from landscaping and grounds maintenance to deliveries between commercial buildings or facilitating maintenance tasks in a factory environment.

  1. Shunt-wound motor gives you unbelievable climbing power.
  2. Adjustable inductive accelerator ensures a smooth, consistent ride.
  3. Hydraulic shocks keep the vehicle’s haul and its passengers safe and secure despite large bumps or difficult terrain.
  4. Comes standard in White, Black, Champagne and Green. Custom colours are also available.
  5. Comes standard with a towbar.