The Marshell DG-C4 +2 is the ideal people carrier. The versatile rear-facing foldable seat means you can either carry six passengers in comfort, or fold down the rear seat to a luggage rack to carry four passengers and their bags. This top-quality cart is efficient and cost-sensitive making it a perfect transport solution across various industries – hospitality, construction, security, sports grounds, campuses, hospitals, events and theme parks to name but a few.

  1. Capacity for Six people
  2. Rear-facing foldable seat
  3. Regenerative braking to near zero speed.
  4. Excellent hill climbing and parking abilities.
  5. Consistent and efficient electric drive-train.
  6. Quick and efficient battery charge maximizes up-time.
  7. Comes standard in White, Black, Champagne and Green. Custom colours are also available.