Marshell, the largest manufacturer of electric golf carts in the world is now amongst the leading electric cart suppliers in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you’re looking for superior quality and the latest technology, you can’t look past our range of golf, personal and commercial carts. Suitable for resorts, residential estates, stadiums, shopping centers, hospitals, airports and of course, golf courses, you won’t find better value anywhere else in South Africa. Our carts are a combination of style, sophistication and performance with smooth, silent and seamless driving control. Marshell carts are unique, in that each model comes standard with best-in-class features such as mirrors, lights (front and rear), indicators, windshield, on-board charger and USB ports. We also offer a wide range of accessories and kits that allows you to customise your cart for your specific needs.

All our carts are fitted with the finest components from around the world such as Trojan Batteries, Delta-Q Chargers, and U.S. Curtis Controllers. They are assembled here is South Africa and come with an industry leading warranty. With service centers and dealer networks in all major cities across Southern Africa, we pride ourselves on excellent after-sales service, flexible, personalized maintenance contracts, service reminders as well as a mobile garage to service your cart on-site.

Marshell Golf carts are exclusively distributed by Evo Motors, who have been operating in the leisure and commercial small-vehicle industry in sub Saharan Africa for over fifteen years. In 2004, founder Jonathan Cohen, saw a gap in the market and brought Segway Private Transporters to South Africa, followed soon after by Marshall Golf Carts and CFMoto ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) in both the leisure and commercial sectors.